The Battle of Addiction

The Battle of Addiction

Whether we realize it or not, most of us have a KRYPTONITE! We’ve got that “thing” that seems to “get us”….. even when we’re trying to keep it at bay. Over the course of CO-VID, I’ve been asked about addictions more times than I can count. And, I see how times like these can push us to the tipping point.


With CO-VID and the closings of my favorite places, I’ve been keenly aware of how OLD HABIT patterns sneak up on us when we think they’re gone!

I know some people may feel….. “shopping isn’t that bad, it doesn’t really hurt anyone, you cant die from it….. therefore, it’s NOT a real addiction.”

However, I can tell you, as a person whose family has a great deal of alcohol and drug addictions….. THAT addictive patterns work the same way!

Addictions create PATTERN LOOPS in the brain, whether it’s drugs, food, pornography, eating, gambling, shopping, sex or alcohol. These pattern LOOPS are running circuitry and signals in our brain that are forming DEEP connections!

Repeated THOUGHTS create repeated PATHWAYS, and those pathways produce electrical/chemical signals in your brain that are influencing the cells in our body. ANY repeated connection is forming a brain HABIT!

Yes….. some addictions also alter bodily functions, which make it even harder to change, but they all start the same….. with a “trigger”. Our “trigger” begins the electro/chemical signals….. which ignites a HABIT in a matter of seconds!

This is the KEY reason people coming out of recovery are told NOT to continue relationships with those who “trigger” their situations. If we put ourselves in the same situations, our brain will quickly move itself into the SAME PATTERN LOOP releasing the same electrical/chemical signals of our addictions. 

So….. if you’re wanting to break a habit….. you must catch your “trigger”. Awareness is the KEY….. catch yourself as you are slipping into a habitual pattern. Ask yourself:

1. What was happening right before I felt this desire? (Is it traffic, is it an argument, is it excitement)

2. Why does this HABIT feel good (don’t lie to yourself and say it doesn’t)

People DO NOT repeat habits unless there’s a payoff of some kind.

Ask yourself if you’d let someone punch you in the face….. if NOT, then it’s because the pain wouldn’t be worth it….. Now ask yourself if you’d let someone punch you in the face if they offered you a check for $1 million after they punched you. Many would have to stop and think about that one….. REASON being, the pay-off might be WORTH it.

3. WHEN did I start this? (Was there something happening in your life that bumped the emotional “trigger”)

Start today and practice catching your “triggers”. Our bad habits don’t mean we’re BROKEN people, it just means our BRAIN PATTERNS are broken….. and those are fixable.

May blessings and much love for all those whose live have been altered by addiction. I too have lost loved ones and know 1st hand the destruction it can bring.