Modern NEUROSCIENCE has uncovered proven ways to help you live a better life…..and it only takes 30 SECONDS A DAY!

According to a recent Gallup Poll,  only 17% of Americans are satisfied with their overall lives: and how to be happyis Google searched over 45 million times a month worldwide.

Staci can teach you how 21st century technology and new brain research have unlocked a way for you to use grateful thoughts to change your life.

Experience practical ways you can use scientific gratitude to change the way your brain works, as well as new ways to put it directly into ACTION TOMORROW! Uncover crucial mistakes most people make in their daily thought patterns and recognize how harmful “self talk” literally sabotages the way your brain functions.


  • Know the difference between casual thanks & scientific GRATITUDE
  • Incorporate the practice of GRATITUDE into your everyday life
  • Remove the BIGGEST “ thought thief ” stealing your happiness
  • Understand the difference between the MIND & the BRAIN
  • • REFRAME negative situations by recognizing how the MIND can change the BRAIN: neuroplasticity
  • • Combat anxiety & depression with cutting-edge GRATITUDE methods
  • • Build loyalty, productivity & creativity through specific GRATITUDE techniques
  • • Recognize your EMOTIONAL “ triggers ” before they sabotage your progress