SHOCKED at What I Saw in the Mirror

Shocked at What I Saw in the Mirror

We’ve all heard the phrase…..  “I’m sorry, it was an accident!” 
BUT…. one place you’ve NEVER heard anyone say that… is about a LIFE they LOVE!   

Because, incredible lives don’t happen by chance or by accident.  Those kinds of lives happen because someone did something to create it.  

 When I began to study how the brain worked, I saw a zillion reasons why my “life” never ended up where I wanted it to go. 
My THOUGHTS were controlling my FEELINGS, and my FEELINGS were controlling my ACTIONS, and my ACTIONS were controlling my LIFE 

 How had I not seen this sooner?  I discovered, right there in the middle  of a pile of research that my THOUGHTS STUNK! 

 And….. If I couldn’t LIKE ME…. how in the world was I supposed to LIKE my LIFE
The first, and most important step to looking in the mirror and liking the face you see is to upgrade your thoughts

Trust me when I say….. your thoughts are not harmless.  
EACH and every one of them are creating connections in your brain- which are causing either a chemical or electrical signal. 
Science will tell you that the cells in your body regenerate themselves about every 7 years…. the problem with that is …. we keep our same MINDSET each time we are given the gift of new cells.  

So, if you are wanting a new body, new habits, a new life, new friends, new ANYTHING…. you will NOT get it with the same thoughts that got you the one you have right now!  

 Thats a fact! 
Leo Tolstoy said it best  “Everyone thinks of changing the world,  but few of them begin with changing themselves.” 

 Start today, and create a plan for NEW YOU by changing your thoughts.