Are You Playing a Game of Hot Potato?

Are You Playing A Game of Hot Potato?

If you’re like the majority of people in the world (especially those over 30) ….research shows YOU ARE

UP until a few years ago, I had no idea that my BRAIN played “hot potato” with compliments!  
Who knew that most of us …. have a hard time accepting a compliment.  

Up until recently, I’ve never really paid any attention to how I personally deal with compliments. I few months ago however, I came across some new research  behind how we accept,  or DON’T accept a compliment.

So….. let’s take a closer look.

If, for example, someone gives you a compliment such as: “I LOVE your outfit. You look so good in that COLOR.”   

1. “Thank you so much. That’s nice to hear because it’s one of my favorite colors too.” 


 2. “This old thing. I’ve had this at least ten years.” 
Even the simplest of responses says something about how YOUR BRAIN is processing the words you receive!   

In the 1st example, cognitive wiring ACCEPTS the compliment with gratitude and most likely a smile with an accompanying serotonin boost…. because your brain BELIEVES you’re worth it. 

But… in the 2nd example, it shows a subconscious disconnect between the GIVER’S words to the RECEIVER’S acceptance. 
This indicates an inability to believe those words about one’s self. 

Yes, it seems so simple, but…. I invite you to dig a little deeper into the “WHY” behind your rejection in receiving those kind words. 

Because, research shows that each time we reject or shrug off a compliment (even in a humorous manner) it’s like our brain is playing a game of HOT POTATO with the compliment because it does NOT have the internal wiring or belief system in the “goodness” of those words about itself,  and therefore I MUST get RID OF IT…. like a hot potato! 

So…. as you go about the rest of your week…. take note of the things you say when someone says something kind to you. AND…. make it your NEUROSCIENCE homework this week to accept a compliment!