You're Driving Me NUTS!

Emotional Creepers

If you have lived past Kindergarten, then you’ve dealt with someone you didn’t enjoy being around. I call them… EMOTIONAL CREEPERS! And the older you get, the number of creepers seems to INCREASE.

It’s so easy to be HAPPY when things are going great, however… the real measure of our WELL-BEING is the ability to regain emotional control in the face of negativity.

Dr. Richard Davidson, Founder and Director of The Center for Healthy Minds, says that the amount of negative emotion we HOLD-ON-TO has a direct effect on our health & overall HAPPINESS! I don’t know about you…. but I don’t want that!

So… WHAT DO YOU DO when you LIVE, or WORK with a bunch of Bozos who drive you CRAZY & steal your JOY?!

The secret to dealing with people & situations that are NOT as you’d like them to be…is knowing a few practical tips to alter your brain pattern. THE MOMENT you feel your emotions shift in an unwanted direction, it’s a signal for you to reclaim the driver’s seat.

Here are a few simple tips that can make a BIG difference. 

1. Name your EMOTIONI know it sounds too easy to be useful. But, research shows that simply naming your emotion (fear, anxiety, jealousy, or even rage) can move the brain’s blood flow back into a cognitive state rather than a total emotional one.

2. Shift your Focus~ Take a few seconds to pause in the middle of a melt-down. Then, move your eyes from side to side. Again, I know this sounds crazy. However, Stanford Neuroscientist, Dr. Andrew Huberman discussed some fascinating evidence about how shifting your gaze can alter the brain’s emotional state. Think about the last time you were upset. We tend to get myopic focus, ruminating on the 1 THING that upset’s us. Something as simple as forcing your brain to move your eyes laterally is enough to shift brain attention.

3. Ask yourself 1 Empowering Question~ I learned this several years ago at an Emotional Intelligence training, and I continue to use it to this day. 

Each time I find myself repeating a negative thought or holding onto anxiety, I STOP and ask myself a question. “Staci, if this was your last week of life, would you care about this?”   WOW! It hits me in the face every time. Only twice have I answered yes, which ALWAYS puts my emotions into perspective. 

Taking control of your EMOTIONS is a game-changer, because chances are, someone today is going to DRIVE YOU NUTS! And, each time they cause you to shift your emotions (in a direction you don’t want them to be) …. they WIN!

  Start today using new ways to respond to EMOTIONAL CREEPERS and get back in the driver’s seat!