Keynotes, Training & Workshops

Keynotes, Training & Workshops

“When you feel like life is beating you down, Staci will lift you up and give you the tools you need to fight back & realize how truly blessed you are !”                                                                                                                 Dr. Brian Carpenter

How Daily Scientific Gratitude can Rewire your BRAIN in 30 seconds 

Did you know neuroscience has uncovered proven ways to help you live a better life…. and it only takes 30 seconds a day! During this highly motivational presentation you will discover cutting-edge scientific statistics and practical tips to increase happiness.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 17% of Americans are satisfied with their overall lives; and “how to be happy” is Google searched over 45 million times worldwide each month.  Learn how 21st century technology and new brain research have unlocked a way for you to use GRATEFUL thoughts to change your life forever.

Experience ways you can use Scientific GRATITUDE to change the way your brain works, as well as practical ways to put it directly into ACTION tomorrow. Uncover crucial mistakes most people make in their daily thought patterns and recognize how harmful “self-talk”  literally sabotages the way your brain’s function.

Learn How To:

  • Know the difference between casual thanks and scientific gratitude.
  • Incorporate the practice of gratitude into every area of your daily life.
  • Remove the BIGGEST “Thought Thief” stealing your happiness.
  • REFRAME negative situations by understanding how the MIND can change the BRAIN: neuroplasticity. (Most people do not realize that their mind and their brain are NOT the same thing.) 
Staci's knowledge of GRATITUDE and outlook on life is so refreshing. In a world full of negativity, listening to her is like hitting a reset button on life!

D.C. Wood

Using Gratitude to Reduce STRESS in the Workplace & Increases Productivity

In this informative and motivational presentation you will acquire practical ways to use scientific GRATITUDE to alter the way your brain takes in stressful situations. Modern science can show you that STRESS itself is not the enemy, but rather the inability to recognize cumulative, toxic stress in our lives.

Throughout this insightful demonstration you will experience cutting-edge research in the field of neuroscience and its recent discovery that CHRONIC stress literally causes the brain to shrink in size. Learn why repeated exposure to stressful situations in the workplace may cause the body to produce hormones that actually eat away at brain tissue, robbing it of cognitive functions and productivity.

Knowing how to combat stress and reduce its harmful effects will allow your organization to rise above negativity and create a synergistic team environment.  Experience constructive ways to decrease stress in your organization by creating more gratitude in the workplace.

Learn How To:

  • Know the difference between beneficial and harmful stress and how to change it.
  • Understand the value of social connections in combating chronic stress.
  • Quickly incorporate the practice of gratitude and “destress” the workplace.
  • Alter your mindset by using cutting-edge science to change the way you look at stress.
  • Pay attention to warning signs of cumulative stress and ways to reverse its effects.

Gratitude Today: How it Effects Brains, Bullies, Anxiety & Depression

In this enlightening presentation you discover how our brains are genuinely wired to have “social” connection, and that “social” pain and physical pain come from the SAME location in the brain. Through inspiring discussion you will begin to understand how your brain’s innate desire to be “socially” connected is a MUST in Today’s Society.

The Internet dominates our society in ways that previous generations could have never even imagined. It is a vital part of almost every home, business and school today. Yet, new data reveals that Americans spend more than 50 BILLION minutes a month on Facebook alone, and each person (age 12 and up) spends a minimum of two hours a day on social media sites. So, why is it that we have such a drastic desire to be connected and FEEL a “PART of an online GROUP”? Our desire to be connected has caused levels of anxiety, depression, suicide and social bullying reach epidemic proportions in this country. Modern brain imaging, and scientific studies in GRATITUDE have answers to help explain these issues as well as ways to positively change these hurtful situations like never before.

During this illuminating and up-lifting presentation you will begin to understand how crucial it is for schools, companies, and homes alike to create an atmosphere of positive “social” connection.

Learn How To:

  • Recognize the warning signs of the critical “SOCIAL” difficulties
  • Combat anxiety and depression using Scientific Gratitude.
  • Build your own “Social” values and decrease the effects of negativity.
  • Understand methods to cultivate positive social connections.
  • Implement hands-on techniques to incorporate the practice of gratitude into your environment. 

Incorporating Gratitude into the Workplace: The Benefits & the Bottom-Line

Discover innovative strategies to add the Neuroscience of GRATITUDE into your organization. During this interactive and insightful presentation you will learn how to “thank” effectively and acquire proven techniques to impact your organization tomorrow.

When people think of the word W-O-R-K, happiness and gratitude are rarely associated with it. However, statistics from universities around the world, reveal  that Lack of Appreciation ranks at the top of reasons people leave their jobs: costing companies world-wide approximately 160 BILLION dollars a year in employee turnover and training.

Gratitude is the relationship booster that will improve your organization’s productivity, build resiliency, increase problem solving skills and encourage team building. One off the best ways to increase the level of happiness in the workplace is by building a benefit-rich environment that cultivates the practice of GRATITUDE.  

Learn How To:

  • Implement simple practices of GRATITUDE into your organization for lasting results.
  • Build loyalty, productivity and creativity through the use of scientific gratitude.
  • Identify opportunities for encouragement and appreciation.
  • Boost your teams sense of purpose and engagement through descriptive gratitude statements.

I can’t get enough of Staci’s message about GRATITUDE. It makes me look for gratitude everywhere, and the BEST part is... I’m finding it!

April Weisner

Leashing the LIZARD brain using the SCIENCE of Emotional Intelligence & Neuroscience of GRATITUDE 

Learn how to accelerate the quality of your life by leashing your LIZARD brain and controlling your brain chemicals making them work FOR YOU, rather than against you. You will walk away from this exciting and interactive presentation understanding the crucial importance of Emotional Intelligence and the dramatic impact it has on EVERY aspect of your life.

Discover how to change the way you talk to yourself by using forward-thinking Neuroscience tips and tricks to position yourself for more success.

The average person has about 60,000 thoughts each day… and research reveals that approximately 75% of those thoughts are negative. This presentation will teach you how to recognize your emotional triggers and STOP them in their tracks.

Learn How To:

  • Empower your life by creating more positive conversations with yourself and others.
  • Move past your competition by developing grateful habits that build relationships.
  • Recognize your Emotional “Triggers” before they sabotage your progress.
  • Implement proven scientific methods for success by understanding HOW your thoughts alter your brain patterns. 
Thank you Staci for being so genuine and encouraging, and for reminding me to be grateful for the little things. It’s made a huge difference!

Bailey Bass