Why Does Hatred Grow?

Why Does Hatred Grow?

2020 continues to bombard us with things we never expected. The news, radio and social media are literally full of negative stories. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to feel like you’ve had a bucket of DIRTY dumped all over you.

However, this just might be impacting you more than you think! Have you ever had a depressing thought or suddenly felt worse after seeing or hearing a negative story? The kind you keep playing over and over in your head. 

Did you realize each time you THINK about it or retell the “story“, your MIND makes the THOUGHTS worse?

And….. with each next “worse” retelling your emotions become more and more involved. When your stories become emotional, the thoughts in your MIND become REAL!

Brain scars show that when we repeat a hurtful or negative story (even in our MIND), we make the mental connections stronger

And….. neuroimaging also reveals that when we tell someone else an emotional story, we are causing a reaction that is almost identical to the ACTUAL moment it occurred.

WOW… do I wish I could go back and get a “redo” on some of the negative things I have told myself. 

This is why hatred builds, sadness grows, depression deepens and anxiety heightens.

With each REPEAT of our mental “stories” we are making the connections in our brain deeper and stronger. 

This is also the same reason GRATITUDE changes the human brain.

Any thought you REPEAT over and over again will GROW

Ask yourself today….. What kind of thoughts are you repeating?