What We Want... Even More Than SEX!

What We Want… Even More Than Sex!

If you ask people what they WANT more than anything else in their life… the VAST MAJORITY, without hesitation, will say… NOT sex, NOT beauty, NOT homes, NOT cars, and NOT even money. What they want is… happiness!

Then, if you ask them what they want for their children… the percentage why say happiness – goes up even higher.

So, if everyone is WANTING happiness, why don’t we have it? I have personally been in that EXACT boat, rowing around looking for happiness. And, of course I would find it on occasion. Sometimes it would last for weeks, sometimes months, and a few times it even stayed around for a YEAR. But, it wasn’t until I began to understand THE BRAIN that I realized WHY it never lasted. 

The answer to THAT question actually sits right INSIDE the very question itself. People want HAPPINESS; yet MOST of us are totally unaware that the word happiness comes from the Indo-European root HAP which means LUCK! So… happiness, or happy refers to happenstance or a CHANCE HAPPENING… aka LUCK. NO WONDER I was never able to HOLD ON to happiness. The very word is based on WHAT’S HAPPENING in our LIFE

So, when things were good – I was happy, and when it was bad, – I was upset. I know that many people reading this are saying… DUH, of course that’s how it works. 

That’s where GRATITUDE fits into the puzzle (if we want long-term happiness)!

SCIENTIFIC gratitude, the kind that involves FEELINGS, is not based on what’s happening in the world.

It is something that CAN be taught and practiced REGARDLESS of one’s circumstances. 

And… GRATITUDE also teaches you to enjoy the HAPPY moments much differently. REAL, emotional gratitude creates new connections in the brain which releases chemicals throughout your body to produce more happiness!

One of my favorite scientists, and world-renowned GRATITUDE expert, Dr. Robert Emmons said it best… “Happiness is an inch deep and an inch wide and changes quickly but GRATITUDE is a mile deep and a mile wide and can withstand the storm.”

Start today building a life with a goal to be GRATEFUL rather than HAPPY.