What if I HATE the Gym?!

What if I Hate the Gym?!

Are you one of those people who… HATE THE GYM?! The good news is….. you might not ever have to feel bad again about NOT going. 

If I told you it was possible to change your life, change your body and change your health in 10 MINUTES a day… you probably wouldn’t believe me, BUT, it’s true!

According to a special publication by TIME magazine entitled The Science of Emotions, Exercise is one of the BEST and QUICKEST mood changes there is. AND… the best part about that is it doesn’t have to be a LONG, ORGANIZED workout with special training or equipment to be BENEFICIAL for you BRAIN! 

In fact, many studies go so far to say that exercise is the closest thing to A UNIVERSAL MOOD CURE there is. 

Exercise has shown in clinical studies to combat depression, relieve stress, change emotional states and even fight cognitive decline. The problem is, when we HEAR the word exercise, most of our BRAINS instantly THINK of a sweaty gym, training for a 5K or someone who can bend themselves in half wearing perfectly matching leggings and a crop top holding a flowered Yoga mat, however… THIS IS NOT WHAT THE RESEARCH IS TALKING ABOUT!

Instead, it’s saying that just 10 minutes a day is enough to change your MOOD, change your DAY, and change your LIFE. Neuroscientist Elizabeth Gould went on to say, “Exercise modifies the HUMAN BRAIN.

And… Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL got 10 minutes! Start today! Walk to the mailbox, Walk the dog, Walk around your kitchen table… or get a HULA HOOP and set your timer, 10 MINUTES just might CHANGE your LIFE!