Today's BIG Mistake

Today’s Big Mistake

Last night as I was loading the newsletter into the folder, I accidentally grabbed my NOTES version rather than my actual version….. which left off the most important reason I am doing Today’s Facebook Live: JORDAN ESTIMON.

It also included notes and pieces of material I’d gathered this week from women I respect and admire in the world; like my dear friends NADIA AHRENS and KELLI RAE THOMPSON. As well as the incredible JENNA KUTCHER.

Please read the actual version of today’s message which explains my relationship to Jordan, and WHY tonight’s message is so important to me! I am so sorry for the screw up. Yet realize so clearly how HUGE mistakes can be made in the midst of “trying” to do your best!

When we see darkness in the world, it is our job to turn on the LIGHT.

Just as we were all beginning to emerge from months of CO-VID anxiety, the sadness of George Floyd’s murder has jolted the world in ways we NEVER imagined. 

I have lived all 53 years of my life as a small-town Texas girl; and personally, have not been exposed to much racism….. which left me somewhat blinded to the depth of its existence. However, as a white woman, I am aware of my privilege, and NOW, I am aware of my ignorance to what is happening in our country. 

So, today, I will LISTEN, and have the difficult conversations in order to see the world with a new lens. It is time for the teacher, to LEARN

Please join me LIVE this afternoon at 5:30 pm CST (on my Facebook and Instagram platforms) where 20 year old Jordan Estimon will talk to me about being a black man in America. Jordan is a former student of mine, and one of my favorite people in the world. Today, we will ask, answer, and discuss the tough topics. 

It is my sincere hope that this message will help build a bridge to the other side!

Thank you to each and every member of the GRATITUDE Community for all you do to bring kindness into the world.