Today’s world feels like an episode from a 1980’s Sci-Fi movie. It’s created fear, anxiety and sadness in ways we could have never dreamed of just a few months ago. To say people are frustrated….. is simply an UNDERSTATEMENT

So, next time you’re having “one of those days”….. stressed out, full of anxiety, feeling sick, or just in a downright grumpy mood….. STOP and force yourself to smile!

I know it sounds crazy, but there are mounds of evidence and scientific data showing that your brain is releasing chemicals into your body when you SMILE. The facial muscles we use to smile are firing neurotransmitters in our brain releasing the chemical components of happiness. 

Harvard Psychology professor, Dr. Daniel Gilbert, has conducted happiness research for over 2 decades. In his best-selling book Stumbling on Happiness, he says that, “Synthetic happiness (like ‘fake’ smiles) are REAL to the brain….. they just happen to be man-made rather than spontaneous. Our emotional state can actually be altered by facial muscle activity.”

Smiling, whether real or fake, activates the BRAIN’s reward system, releasing “happy juice”, or endorphins throughout our body. Stop and remember how it feels when you see a child smile and how almost instantly a SMILE will creep upon your face as well. Smiling is one of the few emotions that can create happiness for both the observer and the performer. 

So, START TODAY….. and use science and smiles to raise tour happy meter. It’s really that simple.