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Each session is designed specifically for the client’s unique needs. I will customize your program using a combination of cutting-edge neuroscience information and practical tools you can use immediately to help alter your brain’s thinking patterns. Altering your mental pathways takes practice. You didn’t “build” them overnight and won’t change them overnight either. But, together we will discover the personal “trigger” thoughts that are holding you back from living your best life and move forward with an action plan created precisely for you.   

Single Session: For Those Needing a Little JUMP Start

This session is designed for clients who have a very specific topic to work on or who need a single action plan to help them with a big day.

6 Session: For Those Wanting Some Deeper TRAINING

Are you looking for more peace of mind, more confidence, new ways to control your thinking or wanting to concentrate on a more focused mindset as you reach your goals? These sessions are designed for clients who want to dig a little deeper into their THINKING and have time to retrain their brain. You will get 6 weeks (or you can divide them up and schedule when needed) of specialized sessions with a personal action plan after each session that will guide you toward your desired THINKING.

10 Sessions: For Those Wanting Specific TRAINING

Do you have a specific area of your life where you need a little more support and guidance? This session package gives you the time you need to create lasting change and really focus on a particular area of your THINKING you’d like to alter, while concentrating on rerouting some limiting belief pathways. You will get 10 weeks (or you can divide them up and schedule as needed) of specialized sessions with a personal action plan after each session that will help you focus on your specific GOAL.