According to recent medical data, it is estimated that 1 OUT OF EVERY 10 PEOPLE in the United States seek treatment for their unhappiness, with 1 IN 4 WOMEN (between ages 40 and 50) taking medication for some form of depression. Did you know that modern neuroscience has uncovered a way to alter this vast level of unhappiness by learning to change the chemicals in your brain: WITH YOUR THOUGHTS?

Understanding human emotions has been a topic of study for over 100 YEARS, however, Neuroscience was overwhelmingly late to the field of emotion…particularly as it relates to gratitude. But…with the aid of recent technology and modern neuroimaging equipment we can now observe some of the functions INSIDE a working brain.

Did you know that your thoughts (approximately 60,000 PER DAY) are measurable? Well…THEY ARE! Each and every thought we have is creating a chemical or electrical signal in our brain. The first time I was connected to an electroencephalogram, or EEG, was one of the most life altering moments of my life. While taking a graduate study research class, I had the incredible opportunity to see the neuroimaging of MY OWN BRAIN! As I sat quietly (without uttering a single word) I saw my thoughts registering an electrical signal on the computer screen sitting next to me. I knew in that moment, that I would never “ think ” the same way again. Within each of us lies the potential to transform our lives by altering the thought habits in our MIND!

Emotional signals are some of the most POWERFUL connections within the human brain. Understanding our thoughts and how they affect us is crucial to living a happier, more productive life. Comprehending how emotions change our bodily functions, and leave deep imprinting on the neurological pathways within our memory is a vital first step. When we can alter the way we respond to emotion, we can change our lives in ways we never imagined. Because, we cannot always control what happens to us, but we CAN control the way we respond, if we understand what’s happening in our BRAIN!

Let gratitude change the way your brain works!