Reframing the Situation

Reframing the Situation

When people hear the word “framing” they usually think of an object surrounding their family photos, or possibly the gold embellished exterior of some priceless museum artwork, or even a simple magnetic holder for your child’s refrigerator drawings. 

If you’ve ever gone to a frame shop however, you’ve seen the difference a cheap frame verses an elaborately designed frame has on the artwork. Something as simple as a surrounding “frame” directly INFLUENCES  the way we see the art. 

Neuroscience, also use the term “framing”. FRAMING refers to how our THOUGHTS influence or “frame” the way our brain receives information. FRAMING is a bias with extensive studies showing just how powerful its “influence” is on the human brain. 

We’re all bombarded daily with commercials, videos, mass marketing but most importantly with our own thoughts. All of which INFLUENCE the way we think, much the same way a picture frame influences how we see artwork. We easily understand this concept as it pertains to art, yet….. few people realize their OWN thoughts are “framing” the way their brain works.

How do you frame your mornings? Take a moments to think of your daily first thoughts. Do it with: Good God it’s morning already!!! OR• God, it’s already a good morning!

The choice is yours! But….. science will tell you that the FRAME you choose directly determines how your morning will look; because, your day is unquestionably INFLUENCED by the FRAME you choose to display it in.