My Past is Haunting Me!

My Past is Haunting Me!

Are you proud of your past? One of the questions I get quite often from my clients, is… “How do I get over my past?!”  And, truth be told, sometimes “the past” follows us like a haunting shadow.  It is however possible to travel beyond it!  

But… in order to move past “the past”, we must see it for what it WAS (a moment in our life’s history for which we behaved a certain way based on the brain activity that we perceived during a situation).  The problem with this “past”, is that our brain never stops looking at it from the moment in which it happened. That’s why we continue to bring our “past” and all its pain, right smack into our future. The only way to get rid of it, is to force our brain to SEE it from a new perspective.  

How many of us have done something we regret, something stupid, something hurtful, or maybe made some huge mistake? I know I have. In fact, “I’ve probably make a million mistakes.” And…. for many decades, I carried the guilt and shame of them around, like a suitcase on a forever trip. Until I realized that you can never overcome the past with the same MIND that lived it.  

Almost twenty years ago, my “past” took a life altering tumble. I hurt people deeply and said things that should have never left my mouth. But, I can honestly say that today I no longer possess the same type of THINKING that got me into that situation. Yes, I could continue to dwell on it, I could forever ruminate on my failure, and I could live a life of self-loathing and berate myself daily. Or, I could reexamine the THOUGHT patterns of the “past” to create a different future.  

To anyone out there who has a “past” they’d like to overcome; begin looking at it from the vantage point of your present. See it with new awareness. Let it teach you, guide you, move you forward, or possibly help someone else overcome their pain. Look at your “past” as if it were a window of perspective for which the view could have been gathered no other way.  

Stop looking backward and give yourself freedom to set down the suitcase of shame. Only then will you have both hands free to open that same window to find your “past” has been transformed into wisdom.  

Start today building a MIND that sees your NOW as more powerful than your “past”!