My Opinion of Oprah has Changed!

My Opinion of Oprah has Changed!

I started watching Oprah in 1989. I remember it well, because I’d just brought my (NOW) 30 year-old son home from the hospital. As a new mom, I treasured my time rocking him and watching Oprah. Her show made me smile and feel like I had a friend in my living room. 

In February, I got to actually SEE Oprah in person. As my daughter and I watched her walk on stage, I felt something I’ve never experienced before. It’s hard to describe the palpable feeling I was having because it was almost magical. 

Up until that moment, I had always admired Oprah’s strong confidence. And….. as a woman, I’ve strived to attain my own level of self-assurance, despite the zillion mistakes I’ve made. I’ve talked to myself in the mirror, I’ve written affirmations and I’ve proclaimed all kinds of things in my attempts to be strong enough to have Oprah confidence. 

HOWEVER, when she walked out on that stage, I realized I’d had it wrong for decades. Confidence wasn’t about being strong. It wasn’t about forcing something to be there. It was about FULLY OWNING the space you were standing in! How could it be that simple? How could confidence not be about strength?

But for me….. in that moment, I saw that when you’re truly confident, it isn’t about strength; but instead it’s about grace. As i watched the woman, who I’d seen stand on a stage in my living room hundreds of times, I felt like I saw her for the first time.


1. WHO she was

2. HOW she was

3.The WAY she was

And she did it with grace

In those few magical hours watching her, we knew that our opinions of her did NOT change her. Whether we liked her, loved her, or even despised her….. SHE still stood FULLY in her OWN SPACE. Proud to live in the grace of who she was….. mistakes and all.

Today, I encourage each of you to look at confidence a little differently. Even if its for just a moment. May we all stand FULLY in our OWN SPACE realizing that it might not have anything to do with strength, and everything to do with grace!