Let's Get Some Action!

We Need Action!

In a world where we are bombarded daily with the importance of education and status…. it is hard to believe that there might be something in the world that’s ACTUALLY MORE IMPORTANT than LEARNING…. but there ISIT’S DOING! So… what does Neuroscience have to say about the importance of DOING

Harvard Health  published a study from it’s Alumni after following a group of men over many years who were asked to start taking SMALL DAILY ACTIONS toward their health rather than merely PLANNING to join a gym or start some BIG workout routine. And… the results were astonishing! For those who TOOK DAILY ACTION and just walked several flights of stairs each day rather than remaining sedentary or taking the elevator….those men had a 33% lower rate of mortality!

DECIDING you need to get in shape, eat healthy, or start a GRATITUDE practice… is not ACTION. Knowledge is just something that remains inside your head…providing very little benefit without ACTION! To achieve results, we must combine the knowledge we acquire with the ACTION steps needed to 

Do Something …even if it’s wrong. IN fact, recent studies show there is a great deal of benefit “to the brain” for taking ACTIONS (that are later found to be incorrect), because your brain is creating, what Neuroscience calls, Bayesian Brain Updating. This “updating” rewires information based on trial and error. So… the best formula for achieving successful results is: KNOW + DO = RESULTS

The Brain Benefits of DOING are incredible:
1. DOING…is your brains way of activating INFORMATION, which is why most all of us learn better from EXPERIENCE rather than just reading about something in a book.

2. DOING creates trial and error circuits in the brain that force your cognitive functions to update and rewire. 

3. DOING or taking DAILY ACTIONS helps to form healthy HABIT LOOPS in the brain. 

4. DOING small DAILY ACTIONS is much easier to maintain than trying to start a huge new program.

5. ACTIONS you choose purposely, create a sense of accomplishment in the brain. 

This triggers a Dopamine release in the brain’s reward center to boost your feel good emotions. START today….. stop DECIDING and start DOING! Even small daily actions over time can move your life to levels you never dreamed possible.