It’s Electric

It’s Electric

We’ve all heard the quotes like, “You are what you think about.” OR What you think about you bring about.

BUT, until I was personally connected to an EEG machine a few years ago (with Dr. Ido Davidesco, a Ph.D. research scientist at NYU) I had NO idea, that my SILENT THOUGHTS could be measured.

Every thought is giving off a genuine, measurable, electrical or chemical signal. Even the little ones we to ourselves. 

Research shows approximately 60-80% of our daily thoughts are negative. Most people have NO IDEA that their brains are in a loop of habitual negativity. 

Think about the quiet conversations you have in your own head….. LIKE: 

1. I’ve got to start working out, I’m so gross and fat.

2. I can’t stand living in this home another day, it’s killing me.

3. I swear if one more person needs me today, I’m gonna roll over and die. 

4. No one is gonna love me….. I’ll live the rest of my life alone. 

5. I’ll be working until the day I die because I can’t save a penny. 

The problem is….. Most of us, (including me) felt as though these thoughts were harmless

They’re NOT: All of them are releasing synaptic signals in your Brain. And….. all of them are measurable!!!

So, start TODAY……… and catch those silent mind predators each time you feel them having a conversation inside your head. Remember that each thought is sending a measurable signal to your brain