I'm Having a Chemical Reaction

I’m Having a Chemical Reaction

When you hear the word CHEMICALS, chances are you don’t think about your brain. However, data shows that the CHEMICALS your brain makes are directly responsible for almost every feeling you’ve ever had. Wow!   

How many of us have ever stopped in the middle of a “melt-down” and thought, “I bet my CHEMICALS are out of balance”? Well, if you don’t, you’re not alone. Most of us, when we’re angry, frustrated, sad or anxious just feel that way… until we don’t any more.  

But, the reason we get over those feelings after a few minutes or hours is because our CHEMICALS have worn off. However, most of us know someone who’s continued to be upset for days, weeks, or even years. So, how does that happen?  

The answer to that question is CHEMICALS. Each time we continue to THINK about something upsetting, retell the story to our friends, or ruminate over it all day long…. our brain is reproducing those CHEMICALS each time.  

What do we do then, when something upsetting has happened and our brain is producing CHEMICALS that make us feel upset. We can’t just pretend it didn’t happen, or act like we’re happy when we’re clearly NOT. Many behaviorists and mental health professionals call this “toxic positivity” which can actually backfire on your brain in a bad way.  

So, how do you deal with those upsetting emotions? Once again, the best way to fix the problem is CHEMICALS. Neuroscience will tell you that every thought, word, movement and function is creating either an electrical or CHEMICAL signal in your brain. And… if we know the how to create the right ones, we can teach our brain what to do the next time we get upset.  

Learning to activate the CHEMICALS of happiness is like having a secret “mental ” weapon with you at all times. Next time you feel like your emotions could use a little HAPPY BOOST, stop and try one of these CHEMICAL changers to bring some happy back to your brain. 

1. Give or get a hug (can even be your pet)

2. Stand in the sunshine

3. Find something funny and LAUGH

4. Take a walk

5. Give someone a compliment and watch them smile 

In a world that’s so full of stress, anger, health crisis, and financial strain, start spending a little extra time creating some CHEMICAL happiness. Your brain and your life will thank you!