You’ve just completed one of the most DIFFICULT years in history. Somehow our minds hoped that 2021 would offer a MAGICAL exit from the pain of 2020…. but, here we are! 

No matter how messed up things have been, or how many times you’ve tried to “snap out of it”… you can still reach happiness. I spent over 4 decades of my life looking for happiness. Don’t waste another minute searching for JOY, build it for yourself!  Use your BRAIN in ways you never imagined. Join us for The Neuroscience of Happiness !


•Join me each week for lessons packed full of inspiration, education and motivation.

• Discover simple ways to TAP into your BRAIN’s CHEMICAL SYSTEM.

      • I walk you through each step of the CHEMICAL changing journey.

• Learn practical ways  to BOOST your BRAIN CHEMICALS. 

6 Simple Strategies backed by SCIENCE

 You’ll learn 6 research-based methods to alter your Happiness CHEMICALS & in minutes.

•These strategies work quick for times when you need an emotional pick-me-up


21 Practical ACTION Steps

• Each Action Step is designed to be simple and easy to implement.

• These methods are so easy that you can learn today and use tonight. 

• Each Action Step comes with a downloadable worksheet to print off and take your time to discover


Continued Access

• Long after The Neuroscience of Happiness Course is complete, you’ll still have access to all the lessons and videos.

• You can go back and re-watch, re-learn and re-examine any of the lessons or videos you found particularly helpful when your brain needs a HAPPINESS boost.

•All of the worksheets are downloadable if you want to do them again and fill out the blanks with a FRESH perspective.



• In a world full of busy it is so important to keep a visual reminder of those things that help us create more happiness. I’ve created simple CHEMICAL cheat sheets you can print or take a photo of for those moments when you don’t remember.

•Quick printable graphic soup card to keep handy as a reminder of the 6 ways you can change your HAPPY CHEMICALS in minutes


Discount Codes

• Discount codes for other online courses and even LIVE events

•Early access to The Grateful Brain BONUSES


World Wide Community

• Connect with people around the world who are also on a CHEMICAL changing journey. You’ll meet new like-minded friends who are building lasting happiness.

• This is where I will post more fun videos, challenges, and all the great resources from scientists around the world. 

•Continual Support and Cutting-Edge Science at your fingertips



Are you as HAPPY as you want to be?

Only 17% of the population says they ARE!

But… Did you realize that happiness is actually about the CHEMICALS in your brain? And… Neuroscience has found  6 SIMPLE strategies you can use (any time of the day) to create the CHEMICALS of happiness. 


  • A Happiness CHEAT SHEET to help continue the emotional practices you’ve learned
  • ACTION STEPS  and downloadable worksheets to help you create your own HAPPY CHEMICALS
  • Video TUTORIALS showing you practical ways to CREATE your HAPPY CHEMICALS
  • CONTINUED ACCESS to these lessons to REFRESH your happiness when you need a boost
  • Discount Codes to future events & retreats
  • CONTINUAL SUPPORT from our online BRAIN BOOSTING community


TIPS you can use for a LIFETIME ~ $247

Why Do I NEED The Neuroscience of Happiness?

If you want to create REAL happiness, you need to know HOW to get your BRAIN to make it.

 Research shows happiness is NOT about things, but rather all about CHEMICALS.

Do you need a CHEMICAL shift ?

Feeling TRAPPED and depressed after Quarantine

Tired of making the same MISTAKES over and over 

HAPPINESS only comes in small doses

Need ENCOURAGEMENT and personal guidance to make changes.

YOU’VE come to the right place… our brains are a CHEMICAL making masterpiece. All you need to do is learn how to: MAKE THEM & USE THEM.

Program Overview

In this course, we will FOCUS on 4 of the CHEMICALS your brain produces to create happiness. True joy is an INSIDE job based on CHEMICALS.

The Neuroscience of HAPPINESS is led by Staci Danford, M.B.E. Educational Neuroscientist, Mind/Brain Expert, Happiness Consultant and TEDx Speaker.

Internet access has made this program available worldwide. You may participate from anywhere in the world at the leisure of your own computer.

THE NEUROSCIENCE of HAPPINESS  is an online program designed specifically to teach you how to create the CHEMICALS of happiness in your own brain. Science has discovered 6 easy-to-use strategies… all backed by research data to produce genuine CHEMICAL happiness.