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Are you as HAPPY as you want to be?  

Only 17% of the population says they ARE!   But……Did you realize that HAPPINESS is really about the CHEMICALS in your brain?  And, Neuroscience has found 6 simple ways you can change your brain chemicals at any moment of the day!

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On my 49th birthday, I declared to a room full of people, “THIS was going to be the BEST YEAR of my life!” Little did I know….. that only 2 weeks later, my husband would walk out & life would crumble into pieces. I cried for an entire week before I realized I was allowing someone else’s choice determine my ability to find JOY! 

So…. at almost 50 years old, I took a chance & left a 20+ year career to pursue a degree in Neuroscience. I became obsessed with learning how the brain’s chemicals impact our emotions.  My entire Graduate Research Study focused on Scientific GRATITUDE!  Data shows that the chemicals created by GRATITUDE literally change the way your brain works.

Start today…learn how to CHANGE YOUR CHEMICALS & Create Happiness!                                                                                                                                                                                         

CHEMICAL Soup Includes!

  • ACCESS to our Private Online CHEMICAL Soup Group
  • 21 Days of Science made Simple GRATITUDE tips emailed directly to you every morning
  • My Personal GRATITUDE Guide: Steps to Living a Grateful Life
  • A GRATITUDE Cheerleader encouraging you daily
  • WEEKLY Video tutorials 
  • My FAVORITE Audio Teachings for an on-the-go Happiness Bump
  • Practical Tip & Tricks to battle anxiety & depression
  • Daily Connection and Support from the GROUP
  • Cutting-Edge Neuroscience News
  • Discount Codes  to future events and retreats
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the GRATITUDE Boost Membership Site


You’ll receive ALL of this for LESS than a Private 1-hour Session! 

Class Begins  April  1, 2020



Get Ready  to CHANGE your LIFE!

 21 Days of Science made SIMPLE emailed directly to your inbox

Each day you will receive an email from me with proven strategies, practical tips and action steps for you to change the chemicals in your brain. I will include GRATITUDE approaches for personal, family, and work-related chemical changes as well as the latest, cutting-edge research!


Access to our Private Online CHEMICAL SOUP Group

Research shows that CONNECTION is one of the most beneficial things we can do to improve the quality of our lives. This online Group is full of like-minded people living busy lives who are all developing their GRATITUDE chemical journey.


A GRATITUDE cheerleader for 21 days

Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. I will be THAT GIRL! Build a habit of GRATITUDE that lasts a lifetime with enthusiastic support from someone who has WALKED the WALK and learned 1st hand how to CHANGE their chemicals!

Weekly Tutorial Videos   

The best way to learn is by having a REAL teacher. I will talk to “The Group” each week giving you extra bonus tips and answering “real-life” questions along the GRATITUDE Journey!

My favorite Audio Teachings for an on-the-go Happiness Bump

I know everyone’s time is VALUABLE, so using your on-the-go time is crucial when building new habits and altering your chemicals. I will send you links of some of my favorite audio messages to give you an extra boost of GRATITUDE while you live your busy life.

Daily Encouragement from the GRATITUDE Expert  

During my research into GRATITUDE I discovered that everyone wants a little something different to spark their GRATITUDE Boost. You will get a GRATITUDE coach encouraging you DAILY  as you build happier habits.

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Your HAPPINESS is just a few CHEMICALS away!