Give Me Some SUGAR!

Give Me Some Sugar!

We’ve ALL heard the saying… “When LIFE gives you lemons, make Lemonade.” The only problem with that is your lemonade is going to be TERRIBLE without some SUGAR.

And… in the words of my favorite 12-year-old, “ Mom, that’s why its up to US to be the SUGAR!” Such wisdom from the mouth of a child… but in fact, his advice is the same as the latest research.

One’s ability to adjust our perspective in the midst of adversity (Life’s LEMONS) is closely linked to our overall quality of WELL-BEING!

So…what does that really mean? Resilience is our ability to recover from a negative (LEMON) situation.

According to suicide prevention programs around the country,  resilience is one of the most important qualities needed to alter the overwhelming rise of depression and suicide rates across The United States. Resilience, or the lack of it, is also directly linked with one’s ability to BE, or NOT BE GRATEFUL! A leading Neuroscientist, Richard Davidson, Founder and Director of The Center for Healthy Minds, recently discussed how the amount of negative emotion we HOLD-ON-TO has the direct ability to affect our level of HAPPINESS! So…what is the best way to alter what we’re HOLDING ON TO… especially in the midst of a world that feels full of turmoil at the moment? It’s GRATITUDE! 

Of course, it’s easy to be HAPPY when things are going great , however… the true measure of your overall mental state of WELL-BEING is the ability to bounce back, or be RESILIENT in the face of negativity. And… GRATITUDE is a key to changing resiliency!

Research shows those who rank LOWEST on the GRATITUDE Spectrum stay more focused on their obstacles and weaknesses than their more grateful counterparts. 

Developing a practice of GRATITUDE has also been shown to improve other areas of our lives; from our ability to sleep, lose weight, be more productive at work, lower blood pressure and even improve our relationships. 

But… most importantly GRATITUDE drastically raises our ability to BE RESILIENT in the face of life’s lemons, because… it helps YOU become your own SUGAR!