From A Spark To A Wildfire

From a Spark to a Wildfire


When people find out that I study gratitude, they often think that must mean my life no longer has problems. However, I can assure you this is NOT true.  Life will continually deal each of us moments of adversity (even happy people)!  But, when you learn to catch the sparks that “TRIGGER” your emotions, you can alter them before they become a wildfire.

Each of our brains are built for speed & efficiency.  Meaning, once your brain has been “TRIGGERED” or sparked…. it will automatically complete the most used behavior circuitry (HABIT) inside your brain. 

That’s why most relationships don’t have 20 different arguments, they probably have 1 argument 20 times. This happens because of the circuit patterns our brain runs inside our head.  Ones we didn’t even know existed!

So, next time you feel yourself getting upset, sad, frustrated, or stressed out with anxiety- hit the “PAUSE” button and ask yourself if the spark is about to become a wildfire.

Studies show, if you can take even a 2 minute break to breathe deeply, it is long enough to quietly alter your brain circuitry giving it enough time to pause the negative loop before it completes its full cycle.