I Saw My Brain!

I Saw My Brain!

Aristotle said "You are what you repeatedly do!" but..... what if you aren't aware that what you're doing is harmful? The truth is.... Your BRAINRead More

My Past is Haunting Me!

My Past is Haunting Me!

Are you proud of your past? One of the questions I get quite often from my clients, is... “How do I get over my past?!”  And, truth be told,… Read More

I’m Having a Chemical Reaction

I'm Having a Chemical Reaction

When you hear the word CHEMICALS, chances are you don’t think about your brain. However, data shows that the CHEMICALS your brain makes are directly responsible for almost every feeling you’ve ever had. Read More

2020…the Sci-Fi Movie of the Year

2020...the Sci-Fi Movie of the Year

As we creep into the final few months of 2020,  I decided to spend a full week dedicated to encouraging women across the country to SEE themselves with fresh eyes. But.... quickly realized this message wasn’t just for… Read More

Back to School Basics

Back to School Basics

It's that time of year again when EVERYTHING gets CRAZY!!! Did you realize that other than the end of year holiday season, BACK TO SCHOOL is one of the most stressful times of… Read More

STOP Resisting!

Stop Resisting!

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a world that continues to go from one form of negative straight into another. Just as we began to come out into the open, the world slams us down again.  

Read More

What if I HATE the Gym?!

What if I Hate the Gym?!

Are you one of those people who... HATE THE GYM?! The good news is..... you might not ever have to feel bad again about NOT going. 

Read More

Give Me Some SUGAR!

Give Me Some Sugar!

We’ve ALL heard the saying... “When LIFE gives you lemons, make Lemonade.” The only problem with that is your lemonade is going to be TERRIBLE without… Read More

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