Brains & Basketball

Brains & Basketball

Your brain isn’t just believing what you DO….. it’s believing what you think!

And , you can be very sure that YOUR BRAIN knows your EVERY THOUGHT.

The University of Chicago performed a scientific research study to test this exact concept….. Do our thoughts really make an impact on our physical lives? Dr. Biasiotto and his research team decided to test a group of basketball players to examine if the players thoughts could or would have any direct impact on their free throw ability. 

In this 30 day study, each played performed a “before” free throw exam to test their shooting ability and record a BASELINE score. Then, the players were divided equally into 3 groups. 

1. Those who practiced ACTUALLY shooting free throws for an hour each day

2. Those who practiced shooting free throws each day using only their THOUGHTS (MENTAL VISUALIZATION)

3. Those who did nothing (the control group)


1. The first group who practiced every day increased their free throw percentage by 24%

2. The second group who did only daily thought visualization shots increased their free throw percentage by 23%

3. The third group who did nothing did not increase their free throw percentage by any measurable number


THINKING about shooting free throws worked almost as well as the actual act of shooting them. 

So… be aware that your brain is listening not only to your actions…..but your THOUGHTS as well. Make sure you’re ready to live with what its hearing!