Brains & Annie Oakley

Brains & Annie Oakley

Did you know that your heroes can actually tell you something about your brain? For those of you who’d not know me….. ANNIE OAKLEY is a longtime hero of mine. Since I first read her biography in 3rd grade, I saw myself in her story and I loved her!

Unknowingly (as a 9 year-old girl) I felt like she was saying: “It’s okay….. you don’t have to be ladylike and fancy….. and you certainly don’t have to FIT IN!”

But, my very favorite thing about ANNIE OAKLEY was she reminded me of my own “spit-fire” Granny. 

Anyone who was privileged enough to know my Granny Rube, remembers her! Without a doubt, she was the kindest, most genuinely giving human being I’ve ever known. 

She loved everyone, fed everyone, and always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room.   

Her smile was so big your heart would almost burst with joy knowing that smile was directed at you. 

Over the course of the last couple of (LESS THAN LOVELY) CO-VID months, I’ve sure missed my Granny and her one-in-a-million smile. 

There’s been a bombardment of YUCK dumped upon the world lately. And….. more times than I can count this month, I’ve caught myself wishing for a moment of my Granny’s joy.

I could almost hear her saying… “This too shall pass!” 

I am not sure why I remember her saying that particular phrase, but each time I hear it, I think of her.

AND….. as we all start our lives over again, moving forward into a new kind of normal, I can feel my Granny saying “I told you, if you don’t let the negative steal your joy….. This too shall pass!” I had to smile and realize….. she was right!!!

Today, may you each grab a heavenly smile from my Granny and tackle each crummy moment knowing….. you have the ability to change your thoughts because you’re more powerful than you THINK!