Back to School Basics

Back to School Basics

It’s that time of year again when EVERYTHING gets CRAZY!!! Did you realize that other than the end of year holiday season, BACK TO SCHOOL is one of the most stressful times of the year?  Especially THIS YEAR

I can tell you that at our house (we are NOT morning people), and something always seems to go differently than I had envisioned it in my head.  And once that negative ball starts rolling……….. it just seems to roll and roll and roll straight DOWN the HILL toward an AWFUL, TERRIBLE very bad day

So… is there really anything that can be done about that.

There is!  

The first step is being aware of those NEGATIVE feelings that are roaming around in your house unchecked. You know the kind…. the ones that linger for days, the silent treatment, the door slamming, or just plain ole’ yelling. 

START today building NEW HABITS for the 1st ever CO-VID BACK to School Year. by adding the practice of GRATITUDE into your daily lives.  
Children are the most susceptible to changing their BEHAVIOR  when they see it modeled for them.  Behaviors are contagious, and though we don’t realize it….we’re teaching our children how to react under stress. Data shows that most children will grow up with behaviors similar to their caregivers.  

So, STOP and take a pause and ask yourself, WHAT AM I TEACHING
START today! Each time you catch your emotions slipping down that negative hill, ask yourself: “Will this be something I need to be upset about 2 days from now?” or “If my hero were here in my house, would I still behave this way?” These are called empowering questions. You can pick any type of question that will pause your negative feelings long enough for the cognitive brain to take back control of your emotions. I personally use this little trick every time I get angry. One of the most powerful things I ever learned is that CHILDREN are watching…… and we teach without realizing we’re teaching! This year, more than ever before, let’s teach more kindness and more GRATITUDE