2020...the Sci-Fi Movie of the Year

2020…the Sci-Fi Movie of the Year

As we creep into the final few months of 2020,  I decided to spend a full week dedicated to encouraging women across the country to SEE themselves with fresh eyes. But…. quickly realized this message wasn’t just for women,  it was for us ALL

Right now, our country is more torn and fragmented than ever before. And… the constant bombardment of bad news, hurting people, scary health situations, business closings, virtual school and economic hardships have only multiplied the WORLD’S stress levels. People of all ages, cultures and genders have reached a frightening level of anxiety and frustration. 

Research will confirm there is a very real correlation between troubling times (like the ones we’re in today) and troubling behaviors. 

 When people become worn out and worn down by life’s circumstances, encouragement from those you love  becomes something you need more than ever…. especially CHILDREN

I saw a quote this week (can’t remember where I saw it), but it shook me in such a way that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. 

 “When you keep criticizing your children, they don’t stop loving you, they stop loving themselves. 


As an entire generation of children are heading back to school  (under circumstances that would have been considered SCIENCE FICTION just a few short months ago)…please remember that quote. 

 And remember that even though our children may not fully comprehend what’s going on in the world….THEY FEEL OUR STRESS,  as well as have a massive amount of their own.  

 Never forget, “We TEACH without TEACHING”. What I mean by that is the eyes who watch us LIVE our lives are learning how to live theirs by the examples they see. 
Our actions teach them: 
* how to treat people
* how to speak when you’re upset 
* how much to give or hoard 
* how to express anger and sadness (and most importantly) 
* how to FEEL about yourself

 If you have children, or are someone who has contact with kids (teachers, coaches, trainer, or even doctors), take a moment today and tell them how grateful you are to know them! Tell each of them something special and acknowledge that you realize 2020 has been HARD for them too!  

 Today… take a look around and look at the faces of those you’re teaching, and ask yourself if these are the lessons you want them to learn.